Gas Grill Inserts Part 2
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Gas Grill Inserts Part 2

What is a gas grill insert Gas grill inserts for my patio

In part 1 of this series we had a brief look as gas grill inserts and some very basic cleaning and replacement of parts. In this installment we will look at gas grills and ranges for outdoor patios. The specific type of grill depends greatly upon several factors. First, we have to consider the costs of these grills. these can range from around $300.00 to over $5,000.00. Second, one must also keep in mind the amount of space you have in order to use to make these patio grilling areas. Third, you have decided on a grill you can afford and the amount of space you need, but now you need to think of where to place your new patio. and lastly there needs to be a serious consideration as to whether you are planning to use propane or natural gas. Lets look a little deeper at each.

COSTS- Cost is probably the largest factor in considering an outdoor gas grill insert. This concept not only involves the grill, but also the construction costs. For example; bricks, mortar, electrical, gas, wood, and so forth. Of course a huge portion of the costs are on how elaborate you decide to make your patio. Will it be brick, wood, or concrete?. Will it have a trellis?, Will there be an outdoor television?, just to name a few questions. Second part of this requires you to decide will you do the work yourself or have a contractor do the work. Doing it yourself will save you a lot of green, but like most people you simply wont have the time to dedicate to the project. Ready made plans exist in many hardware stores, or you can design it your self. A simple sheet of grid paper will suffice to lay out how you want your grill and patio to look. When all is said and done, you will have a great place for an evening of barbeque and friends.

Space- Probably the largest factor to consider other than cost is the amount of available space you can use for your project.If your backyard is several acres, then this is not an issue, but the average backyard is about 50 feet by 100 feet. This is really not much space. But with careful planning and foresight, a fantastic outdoor grilling area can be built. Many outdoor patios and grills are about 15 by 25 feet. This allows for the usable space ( ground wise ) to have the capability to build a great outdoor dining area. Again, keeping in mind the size of your outdoor grill, you may wish to consider making the cooking and " kitchen " area in " L " shape, meaning a 90 degree angle where one end buts against the other. This configuration means that there is more usable space for patio furniture and a lounging area.

Placement- This is always a tough decision. You could place it near the trees to provide more shade, except when you are trying to barbeque the leaves and related debris will fall on your dinner. So you decide against this, so you place it opposite of the trees. Now you have no shade, and you bake in the summer sun. One option is to have a trellis of some sort built over your new grilling patio, once the frame work is up, just string something like mosquito net over the top and both issues are solved to a large extent. You will also probably want to build this area away from the main house somewhat, so the smoke from your endeavors wont fill your house.

Propane or natural gas- This is also a large consideration for your gas grill insert. If you decide on propane, then you will have the benefit of a cleaner tasting food, but it is typically the case you run out of gas before your masterpiece is completed. It would be advisable to have at least 2 or 3 tanks on hand. These tanks come in multiple sizes from 2.5 pound tanks through 100 pound tanks. The most common being 20 and 40 pound sizes. Each will last a considerable amount of time even with constant use. On the plus side as well, in winter you can still grill outdoors, or use the tanks with a portable heater for garage work or ice fishing. But it can be a bit costly to refill your tanks, especially if you grill out a lot. Natural gas grills on the other hand have a few benefits as well. Being connected to a constant fuel source, you will not have to worry about running out of gas. You will have to have your local gas company approve of the grill and hook it up, but it is worth the price. Natural gas is a relatively inexpensive fuel source, especially in the summer months. Downside is, it can give food a slightly off flavor. Since the odor to natural gas is artificially added. Since there are additives there will be some sediment from the burned off additives. Either way, is a great option.

To sum up, we have looked at a few considerations on the design of an outdoor patio with a outdoor grill insert. We explored briefly costs, location, space, and gas types. There is really no right or wrong way in deciding on your patio designs. Just make sure you follow all local and state regulations as well as having your grill insert inspected and approved by your local gas company. This will not only save you money down the road, but it may just prevent serious injury to yourself or loved ones. Happy grilling.

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